Our mission is to connect the community to our family as we grow in Christ.

All believers are on mission to make disciples. The information on this page summarizes how our church is uniquely gifted to fulfill that mission.


Holistic Discipleship
We value learning to follow Jesus together
We value meeting needs with love
We value Loving people where they are in life
We value generations and the strength found in all generations
We value sharing all of life together





To fulfill our mission, we must be holistic in our approach to disciple making. At Northgate, being a disciple means we are involved in worship, fellowship and service. The Kingdom of God can be found in the intersection of these 3 realities.

Trinity Knot2


~Consume God’s word daily.
~Be obedient to Jesus.
~Be able to forgive ourselves & others.
~Be generous with all we have.
~Be a servant to all.
~Work together to become & make disciples.

To fulfill our mission, we must define success. We hope that our family will continually strive toward these marks of being a disciple.

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