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Who We Are

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Northgate Community Church was established in Manteca, CA by the Brethren Church, who is headquartered in the small Midwest town of Ashland Ohio.  Northgate was established in 1920, and has played a significant part in the community in which we have been blessed to be placed.  As we approach a century of living, loving and being Jesus in this community, we strive to continue to grow in Christ's influence in the lives of our neighbors.  


The Brethren Church, the denomination with whom we are affiliated, has it's roots in Germany, as an outgrowth of the Anabaptist and Pietistic traditions.  We've been in the US (Pennsylvania was our first church) since the early 18th Century.  


More about our denomination is available at the denominations homepage.  But in short, we have a high value on simplicity of living, relationship, and challenge each generation to make their faith their own.  Not in a relativistic or individualistic way, but in a way that drives each group back to the scriptures, their knees and the feet of the Lord to understand how to best be Jesus in a world that is starving for him.  

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