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The Team

Ministry Team

Lead Pastor- Jason Huntsinger

Pastor Jason has been faithfully serving as

the lead pastor of our church since January

2023. He is a devoted husband to his wife

Haylee, whom he has been married to since

2008, and a loving father to their two

children, Taryn and Todd. In addition to his role as a pastor, Jason is bivocational, working as a math teacher in Stockton.

Outside of his ministry work, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, watching/playing football, and hitting the golf course. He also has a deep love for studying the Bible and is committed to growing in his faith and knowledge of God's Word.

Worship Leader- Kim Machado

Kim Machado is a dedicated worship leader,

graphic designer, and longtime member of

Northgate Community Church. With a

passion for music and creativity, Kim uses her talents to enhance the worship experience for the congregation.

She is a loving mother to three sons and a stepdaughter and is committed to serving her church community with joy and enthusiasm. Kim's leadership and artistic skills bring a unique and inspiring touch to the worship services at NCC.

Youth and Children's Leader- Keira Grebe

Keira Greibe is a dedicated and passionate

youth and children's leader at Northgate

church. Whether she is leading a worship

session, teaching a lesson, organizing a fun

activity, Keira's love for the Lord is evident in

everything she does.

In addition to her spiritual leadership, Keira also takes great care in nurturing the growth and development of the youth and children at Northgate. She is always there to lend a listening ear, offer guidance, and provide a safe and welcoming environment for young members to learn and grow in their faith.

Deacon- Parag Roshan

Parag's top three favorite things are JESUS,

Praising JESUS, and encouraging others in

the Name of JESUS, in that order! Born and

raised here in Manteca, Parag graduated from

Manteca High and later received an associate degree in Nursing from Modesto Junior College. He and his family have been members of Northgate Community Church since 2014. He is also one of the members of our amazing Greeting Team.

Everyone wants to know that they Belong.

Everyone wants to know that they are Welcome. And most importantly, everyone wants to know that they are LOVED. His desire is for anyone who comes through our doors to be Greeted and Welcomed by the LOVE of JESUS.




Overseer- Deb Atherton

Overseer Deb is tasked with protecting our

Brethren doctrine and keeping her head

rooted in God's Word. She is also schooled

on our communal heritage and distinct

Brethren posture.

You will often find Deb greeting on Sunday mornings and serving in our kitchen as her desire is that all who attend Northgate feel welcomed. Her favorite Northgate value is "Being Known" and she seeks to facilitate relationships so that all present will find deep, forgiving, mutual love that only comes through genuine connection and prayer.

Make sure to grab a cup of coffee with Deb, she would love to discuss Jesus and Northgate with you.


Board Members:

Moderator- Daniel Machado

Secretary- Garrett Grebe

Treasurer- Sam Aprile

Member at Large- Mike Lehr

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